FlyBC Airsports Paragliding is a BC based company. Our mission is "to promote safe Paragliding, Paramotoring and Ultralight Flying."

We sell and dispense ADRENALINE here at FlyBC. The best "over-the-counter cure" for weekday/workday boredom.

Click here to find out why FlyBC is your "best and only" choice for paraglider training. .

At FlyBC all our Instructors are Certified Professionals, trained and registered by the HPAC.

FlyBC is the only training school that employs two Senior Instructors, including Colleen Varcoe (the first female Senior Instructor/Tandem II pilot in Canada).

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We offer the best & safest training value in BC!

Put your TRUST in FlyBC to train you to your peak performance and achieve your flying dreams today.

Whether your flying aspirations are for Cross Country (XC) flights, Hike & Fly Expedition flights or Coastal Ridge Soaring . . . FlyBC can prepare you for all of these adventures at Mt. Woodside.

We support the Pilots who support us, our Eagle Ranch Facility is available at no cost for Pilots that purchase gear and courses from FlyBC - no landing fees or extra charges for over 20 years now.

FlyBC is an authorized distributor for Ozone, AirDesign, SupAir, Gin, Nova, Blackhawk Paramotors, Advance, APCO, Wills Wing and many other Brands.

FlyBC is a full-time operation offering real paragliding training, we are not a "hobby school" offering weekend only lessons on small slopes in Vancouver.

After 30 years of spending tons of money on Cessnas, Aviation Fuel and operating within over-regulated air traffic control system guidelines, I discovered Paragliding after my lovely wife, Colleen , introduced me to Paragliding several years ago.

I was quite unsatisfied with the lack of structured, safe paragliding training alternatives in the Fraser Valley and started FlyBC - Jim Reich, Senior Instructor.

Tandem Paraglider Flights, including optional POV Video DVD of your flight!

What to expect from a FlyBC Tandem Paragliding Experience:

New paragliding students can sign up for FlyBC Courses on the dates listed on the FlyBC Long Range Calendar.

Beginner Paraglider Video taken at FlyBC Summer 2006 for a TV show.

Looking for a Paragliding Instructor?

When you are trying to locate a Paragliding School ask a few questions like . . .

Where are your facilities? 

FlyBC operates a full time operation in Savona BC. This semi-arid desert site has launches that face every wind direction to make sure weather does not slow your training.

What is your experience level? 

FlyBC trains most of the local instructors through our Senior Instructor status and have trained pilots for over 20 years.

We have also flown conventional aircraft for over 30 years and know and teach Transport Canada regulations.

FlyBC is now certified with two HPAC Senior Instructor and Tandem II Senior Instructors to serve you better, all our instructors are certified professionals.

How many students have you actually signed off to Novice level?

  FlyBC signs off 30-40 students per season, where other schools may train 2-3 pilots to Novice Level, many schools are more interested in single day courses or tandems. FlyBC is here to train committed pilots!.

FlyBC's Paragliding School is here for you with different training formats and venues. We are looking for committed aviation enthusiasts who want to learn more about flying. More road trips, more clinics and more fun!

Don't be mis-led by hobby schools that claim to train in Vancouver, as you may get some training hill practice but the real flying happens in the Fraser Valley and in Savona.

History of Paragliding

This year round activity lets the pilot fly for a low cost per hour, while enjoying some of the best scenery in BC.

Paragliding is a great sport for couples to enjoy together. If you love being outdoors and enjoy hiking, climbing and camping, paragliding adds another dimension to those activities.

Modern Paragliders have been flown as far as 560 km in a single flight in Brazil (2016). Flights in Canada have been over 245 km in the Golden area (2000 record by Chris Muller on an APCO Bagheera ).

Click on the link to Cross Country Flights on the left, for a flight report of a cross country flight in Pemberton in 1997 and other flights in the Fraser Valley.

Fact FlyBC employs a number of experienced Senior HPAC/APPI instructors, who can start your instruction with a Tandem Flight (with a Tandem II pilot), leading up to a structured flight curriculum required to obtain the HPAC Novice Sign-Off.

Our primary Spring training site is located in Savona, BC.

There are great camping facilities at the Steelhead Provincial Campground on the west end of Kamloops Lake.

In terms of overall accident statistics, Paragliding has a lower rate per hour than General Aviation in Canada.

In spite of these statistics, it is imperative that the Paraglider Pilot train in a structured course designed to teach the important skills required to be in command of a paraglider.

FlyBC has experience with certifying paraplegic pilots, see this link for Lars Taylor's story. Lars wins the FlyBC Rookie of the Year award for 1999.

FactParagliding is very addictive, prepare to be embraced!

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Telephone: 604-618-5467